Clean Living Cooking and Lifestyle Course

Dates 2015: TBA

Why a cooking and lifestyle course?

melonandlimejuice detox yoga retreatAfter running yoga retreat weekends in the UK for 7 years, we have had a lot of yogini’s and yogi’s through our doors. We think the food as important as the yoga on our retreats and the feedback is always the same: the food is amazing, how do you make this? How do you make that? I wish I could do this at home. So, we have listened to these words and decided to create our very own cooking course, we call it ‘Clean Living.’

Course outline

We have created this course so that you will learn the art of healthy vegetarian eating so that you can integrate the types of meals that we feed you on our yoga retreats at home all by yourself. We have taken into consideration that you are busy people, so you may eat late or on the run. That you would like to be able to prepare a healthy (and tasty) breakfast that is creative so that you won’t get bored of it. That you may like to produce a healthy but tasty and sweet but low in the usual suspects dinner party to wow your friends. That you would like to know how to make easy foods and more complicated.

You will learn the basics of vegetarian or vegan cooking and then build on the basics. Each workshop will be jam packed with not only “how to” on food preparation and making it, but also the nutritional values of the meals and what is good for your body type.

Not only is this course a cooking course, but a yoga and lifestyle course, so we will be having daily yoga and meditation classes as well as other workshops based on lifestyle and how to integrate elements of our yoga retreats into your day to day life so that the balance of new eating habits, a daily yoga and/or mediation practice for the year ahead will help to focus you.

It is a practical course so please bring an apron and prepare to get your hands dirty!

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Course structure

After the arrival day and intro talk, each day for 4 days you will experience a cooking workshop for 3 hours on how to prepare certain foods. The course is a lifestyle course and so we have other workshops running also to help incorporate not only healthy eating, but a healthy routine.

Nutritional consultation:

Included in the retreat price we are offering a 30 min nutritional consultation with nutritionist and health coach Tatu Bearcroft who will be leading the cooking workshops. This is an amazing opportunity to gain further understanding of your body from a nutritional perspective.

Should you need more time to go further in depth Tatu is available to talk further after the course.

The workshops

Cooking Workshop 1: Eating Healthy on the run

In this workshop we will discuss creating our very own healthy and nutritional home made fast food, the importance of correct nutrition for energy throughout the day and different individuals needs. Living in this fast paced urban world of today, it is hard for us to make/find the time to create healthy and balanced meals for ourselves.

We will be whipping up some inspiring fresh salads and some funky super delicious dressings.

Tasty healthy salad clean living cooking courseTasty salad with purple cabbage Broccoli and courgette raw sala

Cooking Workshop 2: Detoxification, Hydration and Fasting

In this workshop we will look at liver detoxification, the importance of hydration, and aspects of fasting including the pros and cons of different types, and what kind of detox and fast is right for which type of individual.

It is important to be prepared for a detoxification and/or fast so that your body and mind cope well. Preparing the body for a cleanse is a key step in the process and we will go into this in the workshop.

We will be creating some incredible juices, smoothies and soups, both cooked and raw.

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Cooking Workshop 3: Dinner parties the vegan way

Here we will look at how to create a lovely three course meal that will excite your guests but not have you slaving in the kitchen for an eternity.

We will create our very own three course meal and discuss different options and combinations involving different methods and recipes

Aubergine, bean and tofu  bakelunch on detox yoga retreatRed and white Quinoa salad

Cooking Workshop 4: Breaking the morning fast

We will look at the importance of eating well in the morning, swift meals that are nutrient dense, pre-preparation, and what is right for an individual.

Breakfast is often a difficult one for us but it doesn’t have to be the case. Breaking your fast at the right time for your body is important and with the right thing. We will be sharing lots of ideas for this first meal of the day and how to fit it into your life.

We will create a few easy to make, protein rich creations to start your day off on the right foot.

Delicious boiled eggs with pumpkin seedschiaseeds detox yoga retreat springhealthycoffee detox yoga retreat

Lifestyle workshops

Lifestyle Workshop 1: Skin Brushing and wellbeing

You will receive a wellbeing kit on your arrival that includes a skin brush, Epsom salts, and a DIY body scrub kit that you will make together so you can learn how to do it at home too.

Lifestyle Workshop 1: Alkalizing the body and foods to help achieve this

After the wellbeing workshop, we will discuss this topic. We hear so much about the importance of an alkalising diet, alkalising foods, it’s relation to preventing disease processes in particular cancer. We will go into detail about this topic and clarify your understanding so you can apply it to your everyday lives.

Lifestyle Workshop 2: How to create a daily practice: yoga and meditation

Some of you may feel confident in doing yoga at home by yourself, but for alot of people this is a challenge. Some of us find it difficult to have the discipline or to find the time or to know what to do. Afraid of doing it “wrong”, putting the pressure on yourself to do it “right” with questions arising in the mind like “am I doing this wrong?” “I am sure there is an order to yoga” “what is the order.” We intend to dispel these myths and teach you how to feel confident developing your own home practice. You will feel liberated!

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Lifestyle Workshop 3: How to cope with stress in this modern world

An unruly emotion that we can all suffer from day to day. Learn some techniques on how to cope with stress to help make you feel more relaxed, more positive and more in control of your life.

Daily schedule

An example daily schedule:

8am Silent walk
yoga in the yoga studio Oxford8.30am – 10am Morning yoga to energise
10am – 11am  Healthy breakfast
11.30am Morning Work Shop Salads/light meals – ‘eating healthy on the run’
2.30pm – 3pm Lunch,
5pm Talk/workshop
7.15pm Evening meal,
9.30pm Film showing

What’s included in the price

• 30 minute phone or skype nutritional consultation
• Gold Buddha accommodation for 5 nights all en-suite twin or double rooms
• Wellbeing kit
• Detailed course workbook with recipes
• Silent walk for 5 mornings
• 5 x 1.5 hour yoga classes
• 4 cooking workshops with Tatu Bearcroft
• 4 lifestyle workshops
• Films on health, diet and lifestyle each evening
• Breakfast, lunch and 3 course evening meal for your stay
• Use of yoga equipment
• Knowledgable and helpful AdventureYogi staff

What’s not included in the price:

• Travel to and from the venue

Price: £695 pp for 5 nights and everything included in the course

The price includes the Gold Buddha accommodation at our Norfolk venue.

Your chef and nutritional educator

Chef Tatu Bearcroft with tagine Pop-upYogi yoga supper soiree Angel LondonTatu Bearcroft – Nutritionist and health coach. Tatu has been working with AY for 3 years and has first hand experience of what our guests ask her, which has resulted in us collaborating and creating this exceptional and unique cooking and lifestyle course. Tatu will be taking your nutritional consultation, teaching the cooking workshops and anything to do with nutrition.  Read more about Tatu.

For more information on our Clean Living course, or to make a booking, please do contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.