Working as part of the AdventureYogi team

New Job Openings – for September 2016 onwards

Yoga Teachers, Chefs & Therapists

We are recruiting Yoga teachers and Chefs for our 2017 retreats this summer so if you are interested please email us on [email protected].

If you live in the South East, Norfolk or Suffolk, The South West, Wales, Oxford or Midlands and London we would love to hear from you.

¬†Please send an email to us entitled: ‘Working with AdventureYogi’ (include the town/city you live in the title) and send it along with your CV and a covering letter describing your yoga/chef/massage & therapy training plus your experience to date. We would love to hear about your journey with yoga, cooking or your therapy and if you have worked on retreats or holidays before.
We will be be in touch regarding dates of interviews.
Please email to this address: [email protected]
We will hold your details on our files. If we don’t respond straight away it is because we are considering new retreats and ideas and we will be in touch when we feel we have the perfect match and location for your skills and experience.

KarmaYogi Experiences

If you would like to join the yoga retreat or yoga holiday as a guest but are finding it hard to find the money, then we have what is called a KarmaYogi role.  Here you pay a percentage towards your stay but are willing to help out in the capacity that we need.

If you are interested in taking on this role then please get in touch with Emma on [email protected] to find out more. Please entitle your email, ‘KarmaYogi Interest’ and please include in the title, the town/city you live or the retreat/venue/date you are interested in attending.

Available Jobs at the AY HQ in Hove:

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