3 day detox yoga retreats

Dates 2016

September 9th – 12th 2016 East Sussex-Stonegate  with Nathalie Sansonetti and Rebecca keenaghan
November 4th – 7th 2016 East Sussex-Stonegate  with Rebecca keenaghan

Prices £465pp 3 nights.  Please go to our East Sussex-Stonegate  venue page for more price info.

This is a gold buddha rating venue.

Looking for a longer detox retreat?  See our 5 day yoga detox page.

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Detox yoga retreats

green smoothieIf you are feeling the need to take some time out from your daily busy life, relax body and mind and cleanse inside and out in a gentle and nurturing way this is the right holistic break for you. Whether you are getting fit for summer, needing a detox after a summer of fun or before a festive season of Christmas parties…come and join us for some R&R.  We run 3 day and 5 day detox and yoga retreats.

For more details or to make a reservation please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

3 day yoga detox retreat programme

Our 3 day yoga detox retreats are Friday to Monday and we follow the same schedule as all our other well-being yoga retreats, however, the food programme is an introduction to detoxing with raw and warming foods depending on the season.  Our chefs are experts in detoxing and with this knowledge they bring to you an introduction to food types that you would incorporate into a detox programme that is more intensive.  The yoga helps to cleanse the body and mind also and we have treatments to help support this process..  This retreat introduces you to what to expect for the 5 day detox retreat in a relaxed and friendly way, so if you wish to go further you already feel supported.

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How will the detox retreat make me feel?

A combination of energizing and restorative yoga, meditation, pranayama and delicious detoxing foods provided by our fantastic chef leaves you feeling more energized, increased mental clarity, improved skin and muscle tone, brighter eyes and glowing skin, supple joints, increased flexibility and a sense of emotional balance, grounding and peace.  We advise that you start to cut down on food like caffeine, wheat, dairy and sugar about 5 days to a week before you come, especially caffeine, so that you don’t suffer with the initial withdrawal pains.  With beautiful countryside all around and relaxing walks enjoy the space and relaxation this detox retreat brings.

The yoga

Come and join us whatever your ability. Our yoga teachers are highly experienced and able teach from beginners to advanced levels. Our classes vary on which teacher is joining us, but are usually Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda, or Yin. All classes cover pranayama, asanas and meditation to help increase oxygen flow, balance, clarity and to promote a peaceful mind. Morning sessions are a more dynamic practice and the evening sessions are gentle with lots of stretches, meditation and relaxation.

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The Food

We bring our own talented chefs to our retreats who specialise in creating tasty nutritious dishes to energise you and make you happy. On the detox yoga retreat the food is free from wheat, dairy, sugar and other toxic foods and these are replaced with alkaline foods such as pulses, grains, raw foods, nut milks, green smoothies.  You can learn how to make nut milks, raw juices and other yummy raw recipes on the Saturday afternoon workshop.  You will learn that eating a cleaner diet is tasty, healthy, easy, creative and inspiring.  We will give you a handout of the basics to get you started on your return home.  The menu is creative, imaginative and delicious. Our food is an important part of the weekend and we want you to enjoy it and to inspire you for when you get home.  There will be a combination of raw and cooked grains and pulses to get the balance right.

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Massage / Holistic Treatments

Our own highly experienced therapists are on hand to soothe away your aches and pains. Choose from an array of wonderful different massages, facials, reiki, reflexology and more depending on your retreat and therapists available. Half an hour treatment of your choice is included in the price but you are welcome to extend your treatment at an extra cost.



On these detox retreats, we offer workshops on certain topics, so that the food you eat and the things you learn can be taken home and potentially integrated more easily into your daily routine.  Workshops such as how to make raw juices, nut milks, healthy and delicious breakfasts, raw chocolate workshops, how to make healthy soups, creating a daily cleansing routine and so on.

*One workshop is included in the price and the other one is £20pp.

Swimming pool 

Some of our venues have swimming pools. * At certain times of the year some of these facilities are not available.

Organised walks

Organised walks are included in the schedule and depending on the venue other sports and activities available. We are always located in beautiful surroundings with interesting places to visit if you want to get out and explore, or if you just want to rest then the retreat is the perfect place to do this.

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Our venues are chosen with care to ensure you have the ultimate relaxing weekend. They are all located in the countryside with fabulous scenery and peaceful surroundings. There’s an array of choices from grand old Manor Houses to converted farmhouses. There’s something for everyone. They all have comfortable beds, crisp linen, inspiring yoga studios and inviting living spaces so you can unwind and relax.  We also have a Buddha rating system that informs you of the level of accommodation, from bronze, silver and gold so you can spend wisely depending on your budget!

The Schedule

  • 7.30am:  hot lemon and ginger, protein snack
  • 8am: Silent walk
  • 8:30-10:30am Morning yoga and meditation class
  • 10.30am: Brunch of nut milks, muesli and super green smoothie
  • 11:30-1.15pm: Massages, free time to read, explore, relax.
  • 1.20pm: Lunch, the main meal of the day, Delicious detoxing vegetarian clean foods
  • 2-4pm: Workshop Saturday, Guided walk Sunday
  • 4 – 6pm: More treatments, relax
  • 6 – 8pm Evening yoga, meditation and yoga nidra class
  • 8pm: Light evening soups and grains
  • 9.00pm: film on detoxing/relaxation time

Start and Finish Time

The retreat starts from 5pm onwards with the first yoga class at 6pm.  The retreat finishes at 12pm on Monday. The Saturday and Sunday schedule follows the above routine.

Dates 2016

September 9th – 12th 2016 East Sussex-Stonegate  with Nathalie Sansonetti and Rebecca keenaghan
November 4th – 7th 2016 East Sussex-Stonegate  with Rebecca keenaghan

Prices £465pp 3 nights.  Please go to our East Sussex-Stonegate  venue page for more price info.

This is a Gold buddha rating venue.  For more info please contact us.


“Lovely venue, peaceful, and relaxing. The food was so delicious that I didn’t notice it was detox style. The yoga was excellent. Kirsty  is a gentle and encouraging teacher with much empathy and understanding. I really enjoyed her classes. Loved the silent walks and the hot tub. Jo

Perfect for this time of year and just what I needed. Great yoga and I really enjoyed the space. Great venue and excellent food. One of the best retreats I have been on! Kate

Amazing place, beautiful surroundings, incredible food and  great yoga. Bloody Fantastic! Thank you AdventureYogi. Martin.

Excellent location, superb food and wonderful yoga. Such a friendly, helpful group of organisers. Felt 100% better, re energised and healed – body, mind and spirit. Vicky

For more information on our 3 day yoga detox retreats please do contact us, we’d love to hear from you soon.