15 Christmas gifts for the yogi in your life

15 Christmas gifts for the yogi in your life

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Your yogi shopping concerns evaporated!

We are always on the look-out here at AdventureYogi for new and inspiring, creative and perfect products that would fit into the lives or our guests and us, who are intelligent shoppers who consider the environment, sustainability and ethical brands, so take a look at what we recommend as presents for this Christmas.

1. Scentered Balms

We have been privileged to work closely with this brand this year and so we have sampled all of their goodies; from their roll on balms, which are delish to their aromatic candles. The roll-on balms come in different aromatherapy flavors so you can choose according to your mood or what is happening in your life. A wonderfully soothing aromatherapy support for women in their day to day lives, for eg Be happy, De-stress or love.

Price: £14.50 for one 5g balm, there are also gift boxes and much more! DISCOUNT CODE OFFER YOGI20 FOR 20% OFF! 

scentered balms

2. Yatay Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is the latest yoga mat to arrive on the yoga scene in 2017. I have been in the yoga world for over 20 years and tried out a lot of mats and I can safely say this one gets my vote. It is made from cork and chemical free plastic. The base layer is the chemical free plastic and the top layer a thin and flexible layer of cork. Cork is absorbent, doesn’t smell, it is thin enough to roll up, it is lightweight so perfect for traveling and it has grip and it isn’t too fat or thin.

Price: £59.99 *DISCOUNT CODE JUST FOR YOU* QUOTE AY10 FOR 10% OFF when checking out on their website!

yatay yoga mat

3. Yoga clothing – FROM

There are so many yoga clothing brands out there these days it’s hard to know which ones come from a good source and are good quality. FROM is a new ethical fashion brand, that focuses on chemical free, sustainable and organic fabric, giving back to the communities from which the garments are made. The style is timeless and classic so it never goes out of fashion. The activewear is made from a mixture of organic cotton, eucalyptus pulp, merino wool, and bamboo. Perfect for the eco-warrior in your life.

Price: yoga vest £35   DISCOUNT CODE AY10 10% OFF! 

From Yoga clothing yoga bra


4. Calmia Yoga Wheel

I was a bit cynical of this new piece of yoga equipment that has also emerged over the last 2 years, so when they sent me one to trial I was a bit disinterested to try it out. Oh boy was I wrong! I Love it! As I sit at a desk most of the time (sadly) these days in the AY HQ, I suffer like a lot of desk workers with neck, back and shoulder pain. Goodbye to all of that with consistent use of this toy after work hours. An amazing chest opener and back freer, if you are a more advanced yogi and are ready to try arm balances it is a great support. There are tons of videos on youtube for different yoga levels on how to use the wheel so it also brings a level of newness and fun to an existing yoga practice or a great support for newbies to many postures.

Price: £35

calmia yoga wheel

5. Green People Moisturizer

This product has been around for a loooong time in the wellness world and for me personally, having tried many products I can safely say I still revert back to this one. The packaging doesn’t really do it for me to be honest, but the actual product is great, so you have to bypass looks sometimes. With their ethical and moral compass the same as mine and AY’s, and my face stays moisturized and soft, I will continue to buy this brand as long as my face stays nice. It also doesn’t break the bank.

Price: £17.50 DISCOUNT CODE  TRUSTORGANIC and receive 20% OFF!

two green people products measuring cylinders

6. Yoga Retreat Vouchers from AdventureYogi

The ultimate treat for the yogi in your life is really splashing out and giving them the extra special treat of a yoga retreat. Now, I have heard of this great company called AdventureYogi, who run the best retreats ever (Ok, busted, but we do run pretty awesome adventures!). We do get lots of people buying vouchers for Xmas presents and I can only imagine that your special person would be so happy to get to choose from 50 adventures a year, either a weekend or week away to indulge and immerse into their yoga practice and get a well-deserved break too.

Price: From £50 per voucher DISCOUNT OFFER: Buy over £200 worth of vouchers and receive 10% off! QUOTE GIFTGUIDE17 ON BOOKNG


Yoga in Morocco

7. The Male Yogi – Yoga Shorts Easyoga

My husband is also a seasoned yogi, and I have been buying him yoga shorts for many years now. To be honest, I am still yet to find a UK mens yoga brand that make the best yoga shorts (if I had the time I would start manufacturing them asap!). The best yoga shorts for men I have found over the years are this brand – that are all the way from South east Asia. I met them at the yoga show in London one year and they were the best gift ever. Made from bamboo, with a loose lining to keeo those bits in, and a light baggy short material over the top that look stylish and stretchy to do those awkward yoga poses, and they are breathable so the seat doesn’t stay in and get itchy and create crutch rot (yuk!). They are a good price and they last a long time.

Price: The best ones are Lespiro mens shorts and they are $86.50 or about £65 depending on exchange rate: DISCOUNT CODE Perfect Gift and receive 10% OFF!

easyoga shorts male model front and back


8. Pur candles

New to us this year, we absolutely love these candles. Made from 100% natural ingredients, a soy base and an intoxicating medley of essential oils it’s perfect for the living room, bedroom or bathroom for the loved one in your life. You can never go wrong with a candle for your other half!

Price: £18


pur candle on bench


9. Water Bottle – Yoga Design Lab

Every yogi needs a water bottle, and to help us on our quest to reduce plastic, we love this water bottle by design yoga lab. Yoga Design Lab’s top-rated yoga bottle is back and designed for even better performance. It is double walled stainless steel, BPA free and has a tea and fresh fruit infuser to spice up your quest for thirst at a yoga class, on retreat or on the move.

Price: £24

design lab water bottle with fruit infuser

10. Online Yoga Class Subscription – Movement for Modern Life

There are a lot of yoga classes out there these days, and along with the digital world life has actually sped up instead of slowed down and become more manageable. With this we have all become more impatient and want things even faster, and for some going to a yoga class seems too much like hard work, and so now you can enjoy the class in the comfort of your own home. Movement for modern life is an online class platform and it is UK based, with UK teachers, whereas most of the others are from the US and teachers who you may never meet or are unlikely to meet. There is a great choice and the price isn’t too bad either.

Price: £10.99/mth – Discount code 20% off QUOTE: ADVENTUREYOGI on booking!

online yoga classes

11. Cacao Chocolates – BoojaBooja

You can’t have a xams without chocolate – and if your loved one has suddenly become wheat, dairy, gluten free don’t think buying treats is over for good, as these days there are so many choices for alternative snacks and choccy treats. I have tried them all and tend to only buy cacao based chocolates these days, as they are dairy and sugar free and the cacao has more health benefits as it is unprocessed like high street chocolates. Boojabooja is the most luxurious of these alternatives to high street chocolates. And the packaging is special too.

Gift boxes from £19.99

booja booja chocolates

12. A book – The Universe has your back

The universe has your back. This has been a top read for me this year by Gabi Bernstein. It is pretty American but I quite like American writers, as their over the top manner helps me remember what I have read and their over-enthusiasm really motivates me to do something about whatever I have read. I worked through the exercises on this book and huge changes happened straight after, that has led to me making profound and positive changes in my life for the better. These self-help books can be a great support at challenging times of your life and they tend to come to you when you most need them, so if you have the urge to buy this for someone special, it could be because they actually really need it right now – so listen to your gut and help them out!

Price: £7.69 Amazon

universe has your back book cover

13. Passenger Clothing – For the Outdoor Yogi

We love the great outdoors here at AY and so when we found this brand they really fit with us. If you need clothes for surf, ski, hiking and general adventures then this is the place to come. All you need is a sense of adventure and a need for adventurous clothes and you have the come to the right place. And they plant a tree for every purchase made. We like them a lot.

Price: varies: hoody £49 for eg

passenger clothing girl on camper van


14.Yoga Festival Tickets – Yoga Connects Festival

Festivals are all the rage now in the UK, and each summer weekend can be spent in a field with the uniform of glitter and various shapes and styles of fancy dress. It was only a matter of time until the yoga festival made its appearance. The alternative to a drunken all night party – instead try out the yoga festival where the day is dominated by acro yoga, dynamic yoga, kirtan and an energetic yoga rave at night. Try the latest trending vegan foods and meet like-minded people who live in lycra. Be inspired by new teachers and learn about the latest news in the yoga world. Try a kombucha or a natural high or cacao ceremony and be converted to non-alcoholic nights where you actually feel vibrant and energised after a night out instead of crawling into a hole. Yoga connects

Price: £240 for all-inclusive yoga festival experience 3 nights. DISCOUNT OFFER TICKETS ONLY £192PP INSTEAD OF £240 JUST QUOTE ADVENTUREYOGI ON BOOKING

yoga class in tent at yoga festival

15. Yoga bag om Padma

This is a lovely yoga mat bag and it comes in two sizes, a regular size for just the mat and the larger size for your mat and your other equipment that you like to use. The pattern is really beautiful of lotus flowers and it comes in a selection of colours. I have one and people always comment on how nice it is. And practical.

Price: regular £36 large £60

om padma yoga mat bags 2 models


I hope that these great ideas help you to make the yogi in your life feel spoilt and thoroughly understood about their passion for yoga and ethical, sustainable and organic products, saving the planet one step at a time!

We have another Christmas shopping guide from 2016 to see what other ideas there are. If you would like our fabulous vouchers then just email us here and to see what retreats we have on offer check out our calendar page.

Happy Christmas shopping! 

Love Michelle xx

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