5 Steps to Transition into Autumn

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5 Steps to Transition into Autumn

 There’s a chill in the air as we transition into Autumn…   Sometimes it feels like we barely get to embrace summer in the UK...

Coping with Anxiety: Part Two: Being Mindful Through Change

 Taking Control of Anxiety, Mindfully   This is part two in a series that follows how I personally cope with anxiety, you can find part...

Stay Happy Over the Winter Months

Happy. There is a phrase “what you resist persists” and this includes everything in life; getting ill or injured, a relationship ending, not getting the...
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Coping with Anxiety: Part One: Finding Yoga

 Anxiety. It is something we all feel and yet struggle to accept or come to terms with.    “The root of all human suffering is...

Beginner’s Guide to Fermentation & Sauerkraut Recipe

So, what is the fermentation of food all about? Fermented foods are food that has gone through the process of lactofermentation. This is where natural...
Argan Oil

5 Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is renowned for its health and beauty benefits. It’s rich in Vitamins A, C and E, as well as being packed with antioxidants,...
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Turmeric for the Skin – The Benefits

Using turmeric as part of your skin care routine can be quite intimidating at first. Aside from its distinct scent which you’d normally just enjoy...

10 Desk Yoga Poses

Discover our top 10 desk yoga poses for office workers in need of a stretch and relaxation, from Crescent Moons to Chaturangas.
Candle Flame Meditation

5 Ways to Restore Vital Energies this January

RocknRollYogi Becky Pell shares 5 suggestions on how to reconnect with our intuitive "caveman" selves to restore our vital energies. Something we all need this January!

What is Happiness?

Life coach and Yoga teacher Louise Gillespie-Smith shares an excellent journalling exercise to help you find what your true happiness really is. Louise will be teaching at our Happiness Retreat in Oxford this February!