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How Yoga Can Support Your Detox

Read what yoga teacher Chetana Thornton says about how yoga asana and pranayama can support a detox
Detox Fruits and Vegetables

9 Techniques to Support Your Detox

Michelle's 9 top techniques to help you make your detoxing programme more effective, including lymph massage and dry skin brushing.
How to Choose a Detox Programme

How to Choose a Detox Programme

Looking to try a detox programme? Michelle from Adventure Yogi walks you through some of the options for beginners and experienced detoxers.

4 Popular Detox Questions Answered

Always wanted to detox but not sure where to start? Read on for some helpful tips from Michelle King
8 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer - Watermelon

8 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

For helpful tips on how to stay cool this summer read what Director of AdventureYogi Michelle King recommends
Savasana in Santorini

The Importance of Rest and Relaxation

Rest is important! Read the benefits recommended by kathleen Fleming and take some precious time off!
Manifesting Abundance for the New Year

Manifesting Abundance for the New Year

On our new year yoga retreat the theme was manifest abundance. learn how you can here with yoga teacher Tammy Mittell as your guide for a positive 2014!
Spring Detox 1 Month Challenge

Spring Detox – 1 Month Challenge

Tammy Mittell tells us about her 1 month detox challenge during our Easter 5 day intensive detox yoga retreat in Sussex. Read about her experiences, use it as a template for your own detox
Ayurveda for Spring/Summer - Dandelion

Ayurveda for Spring/Summer

Health and wellbeing tips from an Ayurvedic perspective to prepare you for spring and summer from Jojo Webber yoga teacher and Ayurvedic doctor
Ayurveda for Autumn/Winter

Ayurveda for Autumn/Winter

Be prepared for autumn and winter with advice from yoga teacher Jojo Webber at AdventureYogi and join us for our Ayurvedic yoga retreats in Somerset