5 Reasons why Yoga Retreats are Popular
5 Reasons why Yoga Retreats are so Popular
With early morning starts, detox diets and plenty of exercise, it may not sound like a relaxing holiday choice. However, ‘active relaxation’ is the way forward. Which is why yoga…
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Yoga, Applied to Real Life - Yoga Philosophy for Everyday Use - Ahimsa
Ahimsa: Yoga, Applied to Real Life – Yoga Philosophy for Everyday Use
Yoga is so much more than breath and movement. Yoga, with all its tools and wisdom, can help you to squeeze the juice out of life! It can make your…
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Yogi Christmas Gift Ideas
Yogi Christmas Gift Ideas 2016
The festive season is upon us, and we know how busy your schedule can be. There are decorations to hang, gifts to wrap, families and friends to visit and so much…
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Anahata Chakra
Chakra Series – Anahata Charka
Anahata Chakra: Your heart’s true song. In Sanskrit, Anahata means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten”. Your heart is your soul drum pounding away in your chest, pulsating with its primal beat. From…
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10 Desk Yoga Poses
It doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that spending 8+ hours per day sitting at a desk can be bad for our health. The strains of sitting in…
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I am rooted but I flow - virginia woolf quote
Chakra Series – Svadhistana Chakra
  The Svadhistana Chakra Themes - Relationships, pleasure, power, the unconscious, feelings and sensations Before we begin our journey towards the light we must first ensure we have strong foundations…
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