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yoga mats hang on wall

Yatay Yoga Mat Review

We all know there are a lot of yoga mats out there, and I have tried a lot in my 24 years of practicing yoga....
5 yoga poses keep grounded christmas

5 poses to keep grounded this Christmas

We at AdventureYogi know the importance of taking some time for yourself during this busy time. Here, the North London Yogi, Rebecca Ferdinando recommends 5...
yoga in bed

5 Minute Yoga in Bed

Get Ready for Your Big Day With 5 Minute Yoga in Bed! Are you excited about going to a yoga retreat or taking another adventure?...
back bend on yoga wheel

The Yoga Wheel, it’s Use and it’s Benefits

The yoga world is evolving and changing at a rapid rate these days and there is more and more yoga equipment to choose from and...
Yogi Christmas Gift Ideas 2015

15 Christmas gifts for the yogi in your life

Your yogi shopping concerns evaporated! We are always on the look-out here at AdventureYogi for new and inspiring, creative and perfect products that would fit into...
Letting go

Aparigraha – yoga, applied to real life

In this series, we’ve been exploring the basic principles of yoga philosophy – the yamas and niyamas – and how we can apply them to...
Child's Pose

Coping with Anxiety: Part One: Finding Yoga

 “The root of all human suffering is that we believe our own thoughts”. Hearing these words changed my whole outlook on life. I have spent...
Guests in Norfolk

What to Expect from your First Yoga Retreat

Are you itching to dive deeper into your yoga journey? You have been pondering upon going on a yoga retreat for a while now. Everyone...
Yoga Guests in Santorini

What to Consider When Booking a Yoga Retreat

Feeling nervous about booking a yoga retreat? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Most people do feel this way. Whether you are new to yoga and...
Couple holding hands

Brahmacharya – Yoga, Applied to Real Life

The Fourth Yama In this blog series we’re exploring the basics of yoga philosophy, and how to make them relevant to our everyday lives. This...