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An Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

Tammy Mittell discusses yoga philosophy and the benefits of connecting to the heart and the breath through mindfulness meditation
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Ignite Your Intentions This Summer Solstice

Tammy Mittell considers the interpretation of the summer solstice between cultures, and shares details of the Summer Solstice for Adventure Yogi at their Norfolk Detox.
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Benefits of Yoga for Skiing

8 simple yoga poses to increase strength, suppleness and flexibility for your skiing holiday

Yoga for Hangovers

Hangovers occur at any time of the year, so read how to combat the hangover with yoga poses and liver tonics.
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Pranayama and Chest Openers to Help Beat the Winter Blues

opening the chest and deep breathing to support body systems and cleanse and let go this autumn/winter
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Yoga for Climbing

Yoga and climbing go well together also. Learn how yoga can increase flexibility and suppleness to enhance climbing skills and prevent injury
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Skiing and Yoga Holiday Testimonial 2012

Read about our skiing and yoga holiday "SnowYogi" through the eyes of our yoga teacher Katharine Lawrence 2012. An Ashtanga yoga teacher see how she adapted the practice to meet the needs of skiers and snowboarders.
Yoga for Snowboarding

Yoga for Snowboarding

Snowboarding and yoga couldn’t be more opposite, more yin and yang, yet they compliment each other in many ways.
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