Chai and Chat with lawyer, mum-to-be and yoga teacher Alicia Roscoe

Alicia RoscoeHow long have you been working with AY?

I have wanted to work with Adventure Yogi for years, ever since I went on my first retreat in 2009. Recently this has become a reality as my family home, Poundon House in Oxfordshire, has become a venue and so we are now working together to put on fabulous retreats. Previously I trained to be a lawyer, then worked as a sports agent over the Olympics. At the end of 2012 I put my corporate life on ice to follow my dream and go to India to do my yoga teacher training. Upon qualification I got back in contact with Adventure Yogi with the good news and they are being very supportive of my ambition to be a ‘yogini genie’!

2. What do you think of AY yoga retreats and holidays?

There is no doubt that they are unique and absolutely amazing! When I was highly stressed working in the City, the two retreats I went on kept me sane. I met some lovely like-minded people and each retreat really improved my practice and inspired me to stay dedicated to yoga.

2.What is your favourite retreat?

Obviously I am never happier than when Poundon House is full of yogis. However, the ski-yogi retreat really is the most wondrous experience. I love being active, yoga is only one element to my fitness and healthy lifestyle. There really is nothing like zooming down the alpine slopes all day and then unwinding with a yoga class. It also means you suffer none of the usual skiing-induced aches and pains!

3. What is your current yoga background?

I have been practicing since my early twenties. For me, yoga started as a way to relax and meditate rather than exercise. I therefore love the traditional hatha yoga but recently I have started to explore the more modern aerobic style of ashtanga yoga. I now love to combine a variety of ashtanga postures into vinyasa flow. My teacher training was primarily the ashtanga primary series but the course covered yogic philosophy, meditation and pranayama.

4. Who do you teach?

As soon as I qualified in February 2013 I gained experience by teaching in India. I have now started to teach people in Oxfordshire who have all degrees of experience. I therefore vary my classes to cater for all. If I have more experienced people I will put together a relatively fast vinyasa flow class. If however my students are new to yoga or request a slower class I will happily teach restorative yoga with a long relaxation at the end.

I am currently pregnant and plan to go on a pregnancy yoga teacher-training course as soon as possible.

I am also teaching my dog Beau-Beau who is already outstanding at downward dog!

5. What other interests do you have?

I love all forms of exercise especially running, swimming, tennis and horse riding. I am interested in learning more about holistic/healthy lifestyles and learning more about massage, meditation and nutrition. I adore discovering new places and have recently returned from 6 months travelling in India (where I also did my yoga teacher training). I have always had a passion for writing and have recently started my own blog which is lots of fun!

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