4 Popular Detox Questions Answered

4 Popular Detox Questions Answered

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Have you ever tried to do a detox at home, and really tried to cut out those foods that you love the most; chocolate, sugar, bread, coffee…and tried and tried to resist and then, damn it, given in at the first hurdle?! Me too! It is HARD. Especially without support to keep you going when things start to get real tough. If you would like to learn more about detoxing, when is a good time to do it, some tools to help support the process, have a read below at what has helped me to achieve a total detox from my experience of running detox yoga retreats with AdventureYogi.

How does detoxing work?

When we detox we cut out all the harmful foods, such as wheat, dairy, sugars, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and refined foods. Detoxification means cleaning the blood. By cutting out these foods and cleaning the blood we free our bodies of harmful toxins that can damage our internal body. The liver helps to clean the blood, by removing the impurities and then aiding the elimination of these toxins from the body through the urinary and digestive system. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin.

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Why detox?

Do you feel sluggish, tired, bloated stomach, low and/or fuzzy headed, have menstrual problems or allergies, to name a few? If yes then it may be time to try a body detox. When we detox, we cut out all of the toxic foods that can become harmful to our body. These harmful foods are the culprits in causing leaky gut, IBS and many other digestive tract diseases that can lead to harming other body systems. By detoxing, you are giving your digestive system and all your other organs and body systems a break that they deserve and need to repair and strengthen. The results of even the simplest of detoxes can be quite transformational so read on below to see what you can do to boost energy, clear the mind, think quicker, feel more awake, alive and happier.

How long is best to detox?

The best amount of time is between 3 – 10 days depending on your type of detox that you decide to follow. Importantly before detoxing in whichever capacity, it is best if you begin to cut out the toxic foods slowly from your diet. Start with the ones you find you crave the most, like caffeine or sugar, and then start to cut out the others. You will get strong bodily and emotional reactions just from cutting these out. Stay calm, don’t react – you can do it! There are plenty of techniques to help support the detox to help distract the mind and cleanse the body and mind even more deeply that are also calming and soothing. Read 9 helpful tips on supporting a detox here…

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Detoxing in the seasons, when is it a good time?

If you live in a country where there are seasons, then it is spring and autumn that are the best times to cleanse. Summer is also good. Winter is already hard enough and so I don’t recommend detoxing in winter, as we are already a bit run down and need all the help we can get! It is completely up to you, however, as people seem to enjoy the “Detox January” post-Christmas binging! Autumn is that time of year when the season is starting to change from the vibrancy and action of summer and moving into the cooler nights and shorter days of autumn. With the seasons, just like animals developing a thicker fur, you must prepare your organs for the cold winter months, strengthen your immune system to help fend off seasonal colds and runny noses. Springtime is considered the best time to cleanse the body and mind with a body detox, as again it is the change of season from winter to summer, so shedding the winter coat, lightening one’s load, a detox supports the body and mind in the process of moving from winter of hibernation and sluggishness to having a spring in your step and feeling ready and energised to bounce into summer.

If you would like to try a supported detox, then we have 3-day or 5-day detoxes for you to try. The 3-day detoxes are our introduction to detoxing, and you will feel great even after 3 days. And also realise how fun it can be and how delicious detoxing foods can be! Our 5-day detox incorporates less food, green smoothies, wheatgrass shots, juices but also some warm soups and broths so that you don’t go into too much of a shock! Plus a free nutritional consultation so you can see where you are at and to help support you after the retreat.

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Read more about our Detox and yoga retreats, or email us at info@localhost-v2 if you would like to know more.

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