EasyYoga: Luxury Yoga Clothing and Equipment

EasyYoga: Luxury Yoga Clothing and Equipment

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EasyYoga: looks good, feels great

Today I am endorsing and reviewing a company called EasyYoga. A successful yoga clothing label based and sold predominantly in Asia, a company called GreenVogue have decided to bring it to the UK because there is something to boast about with the clothes, materials used and company ethos. They work closely with yogis and yoginis around the world, even having “Ambassadors” to constantly give them feedback on their products so that they produce the very best.

I loved the men’s shorts when I saw them, as my boyfriend struggles to find comfortable yoga clothes that allow him the freedom to move into postures and that are breathable and durable for more dynamic yoga practices. A great pressie for the male yogi!

They’re made from a variety of different materials for optimum movement, comfort and durability. New to me is bamboo charcoal. Used throughout Asia, it is an eco-friendly sustainable fibre and contains anti-bacterial, anti-static and deodorising functions. Its micro-pore structure allows breathability and absorption of moisture helping to stay dry. Bamboo charcoal even produces negative-charged ions, helping you to stay positive and keep a calm mind!

Their “Flycool” fibre’s lower the temperature by 1 – 2° on skin contact and combined with moisture absorption helps you to stay dryer and cooler in strenuous workouts. Other great things about the materials they use are the “SOfit” fabric they use. Their own exclusive design and made from supplex and lycra, they provide a 4 way stretch, breathability and moisture wicking. Plus supima cotton, considered the worlds finest and nicknamed “the cashmere of cotton” is incredibly durable and blended with Sopra cotton for softness and stretchiness.

We hope you like the sound of EasyYoga clothing as much as we do! Take a look at their website here.

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