3 Daily Happiness Questions to Ask Yourself to Lift Your Mood

3 Daily Happiness Questions to Ask Yourself to Lift Your Mood

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From Negativity to Positivity

Our thought process is a series of questions and answers, our mind asks a question and then our brain goes off to find the answer! On a down day, you might be asking yourself questions like:

“Why does this always happen to me?”
“When am I ever going to find a relationship?”
“What’s wrong with me?”
“Will this ever end?”

The problem with asking negative questions is that we are likely to find an answer that will make us feel worse.

You can change how you feel though by changing the questions you ask yourself. For the next 3 weeks (it takes 21 days to create a new habit) ask yourself these happiness questions and see how you feel:

What am I grateful for today?
What can I do today to make a difference?
What is it like to be me when I am not trying to improve myself?

This last question is encouraging you to just be yourself, to drop all those pressures we put on ourselves and just be you. One thing I have learnt over my ten-year journey of personal development is that I am happier and more relaxed when I am just being me. The moment I try to put on an act or be something I am not I start to tense up, feel afraid and lose my energy. We are all beautifully unique and are here for our own purpose when we are trying to be something we are not we are taking our shine away.

I’ll be sharing more about happiness throughout the weekend of our Happiness Yoga Retreats. A weekend full of yoga, journaling, relaxation, and exploring what makes you smile.

Louise x

Louise Gillespie-Smith

Louise Gillespie-Smith is a life coach and yoga teacher based in Brighton. Read more about her here.

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