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Summer Alpine adventures

More than just a holiday, an alpine yoga retreat can be an inspirational and transformative experience that you’ll never forget…

Tammy yoga teacher doing King PigeonHear what our fabulous yoga teacher Tammy Mittell has to say about yoga and alpine adventures with us AdventureYogi.

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than being surrounded by the Alpine Mountains. It is almost unreal to wake up in the morning and find yourself within the stunning fairytale scenery, as if you’re actually in a postcard. The lush fresh air you can actually drink in makes your whole being feel totally alive. And that is why I love running yoga retreats in the French Alps.

August 9th-16th in St Foy, France will be my 5th Retreat to the French Alps. Each retreat has been truly magical and definitely energising! August is arguably the best time to go. Whenever I’ve been I have been blessed with beautiful hot sunbathing weather, with temperatures reaching around 32 degrees. The sun’s warmth kisses your skin yet you still have the refreshing cool air from the mountains, greenery lakes and rivers. And the mountains certainly remind you they are alive, and that nature rules, when they cast the occasional majestic rainstorm that lights up the sky a hundred colours and feels the air with the roars of thunder and cracks of lighting.

An AlpineYogi involves ‘Active Relaxation’. Like anything in life, you get out what you put in and it actually requires the right kind of effort to relax properly. Early morning starts, healthy vegetarian food, and plenty of exercise. It may not sound like a relaxing holiday choice to some but these retreats to the mountains are a sanctuary away from everyday life, where you can properly unwind and recharge your batteries.

There are so many activities to choose from which will keep you inspired every day. Hiking, water rafting, paragliding, canyoning, mountain biking to name a few will awaken your adventurous side and boost your self-confidence! These retreats are a chance to gain new perspectives, meet new people from all walks of life, who come together in a shared interest of having fun and taking on a challenge!

The mountains are the perfect setting for Yoga practice. Whatever your ‘yogaabilities’, there are plenty of benefits. For beginners, AlpineYogi retreat is the ideal introduction yoga that provides a fun personal challenge and learning experience. For those people that are all too familiar to upward and downward facing dog, AlpineYogi retreats offer the chance to go deeper into their yoga practice, so intermediates learn more about the principles and techniques of yoga to initiate or deepen their yoga practice.

The temporary relief of a conventional holiday, sitting by the pool just sipping cocktails may be a quick fix for stress, but a AlpineYogi retreat will provide the long-term wellbeing benefits, that don’t fade away as quickly as your tan does!

Written by one of AdventureYogi’s top Yoga Teachers Tammy Mittell.

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