Almond and Cashew Nut Milk Recipe

Almond and Cashew Nut Milk Recipe

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Delicious, tantalising and oh so good for you!

Now this is one of the most popular recipes on our detox yoga retreats in the UK. Our almond and cashew nut milk is so divine that you will put to one side dairy and convert to making your own almond and cashew nut milk as soon as you get home from retreat. We are constantly asked for this recipe and so we have decided to share it with everyone (along with the tahini dressing!) as they are must have’s in your post detox yoga retreat healthy regime. Read below and have a go at making your own!


– 1 cup almonds
– 1 cup cashews
– 1 tsp vanilla
– Pinch sea salt
– 3 or 4 cups water (depending on how thick you would like it)


Soak the almonds and cashews overnight in plenty of clean water. Drain and rinse before adding them along with the other ingredients to the blender. Blend 4 to 5 times to get a nice creamy texture. Leave to settle and separate and then strain through either a muslin clothe or fine sieve. It will keep for 4 days in the fridge. Not ideal for freezing.


This nut milk is perfect on cereal, in porridge, or just enjoyed by itself! Bursting with vitamin E, protein, essential fatty acids and mineral rich this is a fabulous way to get nutrients into your body quickly.

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