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Yin Yoga Poses to Help Burnout

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With the ever increasing external stimuli from the busy-ness of life and distracting mobile phones it’s no wonder that many people are experiencing levels of stress and burn out and in this blog I will be suggesting how and why certain yin yoga poses help burnout.


Our sympathetic nervous system is designed to respond when we feel under threat to fight or flight. It releases the adrenalin and cortisol we need to act fast, but really it was only designed to do this when needed if an actual threat like a tiger was running after us. However now a days we are under a low level of stress most of the time which means our system is pumping out so much cortisol and adrenaline that if not careful we can burn out. The body is under constant stress and we end up running on empty and our body slips out of balance.

“Yin is an opportunity to dive inside and stay for a while”


There are numerous ways in which yin yoga poses help burnout. Yin yoga gives us an opportunity to close our eyes, soften our body, slow down our breath and connect with ourselves. In doing this we slowly start to shift form our active sympathetic state to our parasympathetic state, which helps us rest and digest. That isn’t just digesting of food but also processing all that is happening in our life.

Yin yoga poses help burnout also because the muscles are encouraged to relax so we can access the deeper connective tissues and in doing so we help to stimulate the meridian lines to encourage Qi to flow through our body. To aid self healing and bringing ourselves back to balance.

Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridian to boost energy

If you are feeling like you are running on empty then the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridian pairing is the one to work on. The Chinese believe the Kidney stores our “Jing” which is our essence energy that we are born with. As life goes on we deplete this energy and once it’s run out, so are we! We can however nourish this energy with practices like Qi Gong, Yin Yoga and Meditation.

The Kidney lines starts in our foot and runs up the inside of our legs, through the groin and into the body around the kidneys. The Urinary Bladder runs all the way down the back of the body, legs down to the feet. So forward bends, back bends and stretches for the inner thighs and groin help to stimulate this line.

Here is a Yin flow to nourish the Kidneys – Yin yoga poses help burnout

Butterfly pose
(can be nice to rest head on a block) 4 min

Butterfly yin yoga pose yin yoga helps burnout

(can be done with legs over a bolster) 5 min

forward fold over bolster yin yoga pose ease back pain

Slow cat cows to release then come to…


Dragon (with knee forward so you get an ankle stretch/ or flying high – body upright hands on leg) 3 min each side

Dragon person in lunge position yin yoga poses help burnout

Sphinx/ Seal 4 min

sphinx yoga pose lie on floor sit up on forearms yin yoga pose

Childs Pose over a bolster  – 5 – 10 mins

child pose person in feotal position on floor torso over bolster head turned to one side

Legs up the wall – 10 – 20 mins

legs up the wall yin yoga poses help burnout

Savasana – 10 minutes

caterpillar yin yoga pose person lies on back legs over bolster helps burnout

 Recommendation after yin practice – Yoga Nidra

Find a healing Yoga Nidra on line and listen to it. I recommend James Jewel

Have early nights
Avoid being on a computer in the evening
Avoid punishing exercise routines and stimulants
Be kind to your self and allow yourself permission to slow down
Being out in nature is incredibly healing and walking barefoot on the earth



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