We posed some questions to the lovely Wenche…

How long have you been working with AdventureYogi?

I met Michelle (founder of AY) through our passion for Yoga and bodywork in 2010. We connected immediately and I loved her vibe. We knew instantly that we could work very well together and felt passionate that this would happen.

What yoga retreats have you taught on?

We stayed in touch and AdventureYogi contacted me and asked if I could teach on the Surf Yogi Retreat in Cornwall April 2011. I was delighted and with much excitement, I packed my car and headed to Cornwall for the week. The very beautiful farm was the perfect destination for many Yogis joining us on that week…stunning settings, great location, wonderful accommodation and yummy food. The energy was amazing and the enormous changes in people really touched me.

We all connected creating a beautiful sanctuary where we all restored body mind and spirit, I expanded my Yoga family and since then have never looked back. I have been teaching on several Surf and Yoga Retreats in Cornwall, Pennard House in Somerset and at our Sussex location, and they are all very unique and special in their own right, and very blessed to a part of the AY family.

Wenche Beard

What is your yoga background?

I have been teaching for 14 years now, teaching on retreats and yoga holidays for 11 years. Yoga has become a way of living for me. My time on my Yoga mat has become my special place where I take time out for myself. Here I realign myself, I take the opportunity to just be…to be with me in my body. The deeper I go into your practice the deeper I dive into my own inner ocean of emotion activating my deep passion for living joyfully.

Yoga is an extraordinary journey that has taken me into a vastness an expansion, a loving space that must be felt inside. I LOVE sharing my practice with others growing & sharing the journey with beautiful like-minded souls and when they find the deep inner connection and begin to explore that magical inner landscape they begin to drink from this magic, every cell and fibre of their being saturated by magic, then light comes into their eyes, love in their hearts and joy in their steps…that is the magic…that is Yoga.

What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga is a moving exploration of body, mind and emotions where we allow all the covering to fall away discovering our inner radiance.

Yoga doesn’t judge, it is like our best friend, always there without judgement, just quietly holding space for you to be you as you truly are…and anyone can enter into this space of themselves whatever religious background or none. This space will encourage spiritual growth and awareness, often touching people deeply.

Your body is a living tool, it is where your soul resides, it is the instrument of where the music of life is played, let’s fine tune our instrument through Yoga and play beautiful music together xx

Wenche Beard

Wenche Beard runs her own studio in Eastbourne: The Yoga Life Studio. She also runs teacher training courses and her own yoga retreats. Wenche teaches on AdventureYogi yoga retreats and yoga holidays. See what retreats Wenche is teaching on here.

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