Green ethos

Responsible travel

With growing concerns about the world around us, people are becoming more aware of their surroundings and the effects that we humans have on our direct and indirect environment. AdventureYogi strives to educate people about caring for their impact on their locality and beyond. This is not force fed but we believe that every little helps. We can all play a part to some extent even if snowboarding or climbing in a French ski resort or surfing on a beach in England.

Go by train or bus

This is why we have decided to keep our yoga holidays and yoga retreats as local to the UK as possible, so that people can get to us by train or bus and it won’t take 3 days to do it! Sticking to Cornwall is easy overland; France, on the other hand is a little bit more of a push. To make overland travel more appealing we offer incentives such as a FREE treatment (worth £50) of your choice, to relax those muscles after the night train to Bourg-St. Maurice! Check out the FAQ’s page for more info on how to get to us overland.

Sponsor a charity

To take it one step further, we decided to sponsor a local charity that we believe in and is close to our hearts & philosophy. We also chose them as we are able to track to see where our donations are going to. We chose Sustrans.

Remember: Slow travel is the best way to travel! Beautiful landscapes, different cultures and languages… we are missing out on so much by flying.


We recycle everything we use within the chalet and villas and also when we are on the being active wherever we may be!

Organic and Local Food

We love healthy eating and we feel the benefits from it everyday, especially when we slip up at special occasions and over-indulge (yes we are all prone to doing that sometimes!). But the reasoning for being conscious about what we eat is more than just noticing the health benefits; we know that it can foster a healthy awareness of the local economy plus doing our bit to encourage a healthy planet. Hence all the meals we provide will use locally sourced and organic produce where possible.