About Us

In 2007 AdventureYogi was born with a dream of creating yoga holidays with a difference. Incorporating action and fun, as well as being relaxing, therapeutic, energising and transformational.  A decade later, Adventure Yogi are experts at designing yoga holidays and retreats. Having run hundreds of escapes worldwide, their winning formula continues to attract new and loyal guests.

Our Story

Michelle King spent her twenties working in the French, Italian and Japanese Alps. Inspired by the variety of cultures including Japan’s holistic therapy traditions, a love of yoga, snowboarding and travel, she decided to combine her passions to create a holiday product like no other. One that that balanced yoga with activities whilst incorporating healthy eating and massage. Her vision was to combine yoga with adventure – creating space for like-minded people to connect, have fun and journey together. So in 2007 a group of like minded friends organised the first ever AY holiday in the French Alps. It was a great success and spurred Michelle on to create many more retreats. Through passion and dedication the business rapidly grew year on year and Michelle found herself turning her dream into a full time business.

AdventureYogi went on to offer exhilarating experiences worldwide, including windsurfing in Sardinia, surfing in Morocco and diving in Egypt, plus retreats to scenic escapes across the UK in Somerset, Oxfordshire and Cornwall to name a few. A decade later, Adventure Yogi are known as the adventure yoga experts and that’s down to a team of amazing teachers, chefs and therapists who are expert at making sure that their guests feel totally restored and renewed by the end of their trip.

Adventure Yogi now offer over fifty holidays and retreats in the UK and worldwide, from Sri Lanka to Somerset. We’ve had an unforgettable first decade and can’t wait to create more adventures for you in the future…

Our Values

Love. Support. Community. Fun.

We want to see more of these words above in our world and we know that you do too. But we also know that we can’t change the planet overnight. So we promote our values in small ways, by creating spaces for people to experience them on our escapes. Because of this, our yoga holidays are as much about inner adventures as they are about outer ones.

Our team of “adventure weavers”(yoga teachers, vitality chefs and therapists), work together to create experiences that create the space to allow all of this to happen. If you want to find the ideal blend of adventure (inner and outer) and relaxation, AdventureYogi is for you.

Your Experience

Vicky testimonial
"Excellent location, superb food and wonderful yoga. Such a friendly, helpful group of organisers. Felt 100% better, re energised and healed – body, mind and spirit."
Pippa testimonial
"Brilliant. Expected yoga teacher to drift in and drift out, but Wenche was always there. So giving of her time."
Jen testimonial
"This AdventureYogi retreat was a very special, nurturing and tranquil experience, Rebecca is an excellent yoga teacher, and a really wonderful venue. Lovely, easy going group of people to share a few days with."
Sonal testimonial
"Sri Lanka has awakened something in me and I feel amazing. Thank you so much Wenche for being such an inspirational teacher."
Alex testimonial
"I have been on 4 SnowYogi holidays now. I love Sainte Foy and enjoyed the fact that we could ski at a number of locations. I’ll be booking again next year!"
Jenny testimonial
"The farm at East Sussex was beautiful, peaceful and a countryside haven."
Karen testimonial
"Eva and Wenche are the perfect team! Wenches yoga changed my life! Dynamic together. There was the perfect amount of activity and relaxation."
John testimonial
"Ste Foy is a picture book resort with lovely empty slopes and the chalet style apartment was perfectly placed. I was nervous about combining yoga and skiing but it turned out tho be the ideal blend. Wonderful bunch of people. Would do it again in a heartbeat."
Sally testimonial
"Every person was made to feel special and valued as part of the yogi group. This I feel is down to the extraordinary people skills of Wenche and Michelle."

Green Ethos

Responsible Travel

With growing concerns about the world around us, people are becoming more aware of their surroundings and the effects that we humans have on our direct and indirect environment. AdventureYogi strives to educate people about caring for their impact on their locality and beyond. This is not force fed but we believe that every little helps. We can all play a part to some extent even if snowboarding or climbing in a French ski resort or surfing on a beach in England.

Go by train or bus

This is why we have decided to keep our yoga holidays and yoga retreats as local to the UK as possible, so that people can get to us by train or bus and it won’t take 3 days to do it! Sticking to Cornwall is easy overland; France, on the other hand is a little bit more of a push. To make overland travel more appealing we offer incentives such as a FREE treatment (worth £50) of your choice, to relax those muscles after the journey.


We recycle everything we use within the UK retreat venues and the overseas chalets and villas and also when we are being active wherever we may be!

Organic and Local Food

We love healthy eating and we feel the benefits from it everyday, especially when we slip up at special occasions and over-indulge (yes we are all prone to doing that sometimes!). But the reasoning for being conscious about what we eat is more than just noticing the health benefits; we know that it can foster a healthy awareness of the local economy plus doing our bit to encourage a healthy planet. Hence all the meals where possible will use locally sourced and organic produce.

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