Our support team

There is a lot that happens behind the scenes before any retreat or holiday starts. The AY HQ as we like to call it is a busy hub of excited activity to make these retreats as special as we can for you. And here are the fabulous team that make these things happen.  Meet the team.

Michelle King
Michelle is the founder and Director of AdventureYogi. Since a young age she had a love of holistic and natural health and had a passion for massage, always being asked…
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Elaine Lighten
Elaine is a Digital Marketing Assistant at the AdventureYogi HQ. She enjoys many adventurous hobbies, and has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2014. She has a passion for animals,…
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Emma Russell
Emma has been working with adventureyogi for 4 years and is the back bone of the company. if you are making a booking or have a query about anything then…
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Georgina Sharpe
When Georgie isn’t busy being a mum or being a massage therapist she is in the AY HQ assisting us in helping things run smoothly.
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