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Empowered – Immersion

What to expect: Enjoy a whole day retreat-at-home schedule that you can combine with one live zoom class and one pre-recorded class, plus audios of yoga nidra and meditation.

What it’s about: Learn about what empowerment means and how to cultivate and nurture it in your day to day so that you can learn more about yourself and in turn boost confidence and self-worth.

What’s included:

  • Healthy morning wake-up routine
  • Breakfast recipe
  • Learn about empowerment and enjoy an activity to cultivate a healthier mindset
  • Learn the best Mudra to enhance your feeling of self-empowerment
  • Learn the best Pranayama practice to enhance your feeling of self-empowerment
  • Meditation audio combining the use of Mudra with an empowerment theme
  • Lunch recipe
  • Empowerment afternoon workshop
  • Poem
  • Dinner Recipe
  • Relaxing bedtime routine
  • Bedtime yoga Nidra

Your yoga classes

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Number of people

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