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Strong – Experience

What to expect: Enjoy a half-day retreat-at-home schedule that you can choose to combine with one live zoom yoga class and one pre-recorded yoga class.

What it’s about: Learn how to develop your strength and resilience so that you can have a toolbox to go to whenever life gets a bit tough. By having these tools your ‘bounce-back’ will improve, as will your mental and physical health and wellbeing.

What’s included:

  • Healthy morning wake-up routine
  • Learn about strength and resilience and enjoy a workshop
  • Pranayama for strength and resilience
  • Meditation audio combining the use of Mudra and strength and resilience
  • Dinner recipe
  • Relaxing bedtime routine

Your yoga classes

Add your yoga classes to create a complete retreat-at-home experience. Email us here to arrange the zoom class and receive the pre-recorded yoga class.



Number of people

Enjoy a half-day retreat at-home combined with a day of your choosing from our yoga studio to bring strength and resilience into your life