Childhood holidays in France nurtured Laura’s love of food and the concept of sharing meals and experiences that leave us feeling truly nourished. This passion developed further whilst studying in Florence and living with an Italian Mamma who encouraged Laura’s love of cooking, a particular highlight being the olive harvesting for the family cooperative in Tuscany. This was the start of a journey with food that has led to a much deeper understanding of holistic eating; how the food we eat, the way it is prepared and the way we eat it has a huge effect on how we feel and our energy levels. 

Laura is a qualified macrobiotic consultant and loves to share her nutritious knowledge and passion for ‘living food’. Laura believes that the more we cultivate an awareness within about how certain foods make us feel, the less choice we need to make. We are able to remove good/bad labels from food, liberating us to enjoy delicious meals that leaves us feeling satisfied, yet with a clear, light body and mind.

Laura’s menus are made with love and creatively based around using fresh seasonal whole foods with an emphasis on colour and variety; using an abundance of fresh herbs, spices and often little gems of flavour picked up from recent travels and markets.