Lien has a love for growing food and living along the rhythms of the seasons. She enjoys cooking nutritious and tasty meals, abundant with colour and often laden with herbs, freshly picked from her own kitchen garden. Regular, wholesome balanced meals are key to vibrant health. If we slow down enough and listen carefully, our bodies tell us what we need and cravings disappear.

She lives on the edge of the Ashdown forest in East Sussex, where she is part of a lively biodynamic community farm. She cooks hearty meals for the farm team and produces the healthy plant-based soups, salads and frittatas for the farm cafe. With a background in travel, Lien’s time as a tour guide in Asia gave her a love for the fragrant herbs in Thai cuisine and a soft spot for juicy papaya and sour-sweet mangoes. Mezzes and dips with a Middle Eastern twist also found a firm place in her list of favourite flavours. Doing regular karma yoga at the Sivananda yoga centre in London brought her a deep appreciation for warming thalis consisting of dahl, sabji, rice and homemade chutney.

In Lien’s own journey with food, she has come full circle. She grew up in Belgium, climbing fruit trees in the garden, gorging on raspberries and pulling carrots straight out of the ground. She then moved into the city, travelling and discovering exotic foods around the world. She now happily calls East Sussex home, digging the soil, planting and harvesting whenever she isn’t cooking or playing. The first peas, broad beans and strawberries in June fill her heart with joy and the abundance of September’s harvest make her want to cook rainbow coloured dishes every day! And of course, the occasional exotic treats equally sneak in among a staple of local ingredients.

During Summer Lien returns to Spain to cook at yoga retreats in the mountains of Andalucia. Occasionally she travels back to northern Thailand to cook at a community project close to her heart. Throughout the year she joins Adventure Yogi to share her love for fresh food and is happy to look into individual diets with our yogis on the retreats.