Maryanne has been vegetarian/vegan since she was twelve years old and since then has made it her mission to create healthy but delicious plant-based dishes and treats. Her mother was a (self-confessed) terrible cook but Maryanne always knew there was a world of food outside just waiting to be discovered.

After finding inspiration from her vegetarian background and also from living in Andorra, Greece, India and Peru, her cookery career truly began after working as a Chef in the beautiful ski resort of Morzine. She reluctantly returned to the UK but then found the position of Chef in the award-winning Green Rocket vegetarian restaurant in Bath. This fantastic experience resulted in her gaining the position of Manager/Chef of Bristol Health Hub. The menu here consisted of organic, alkalising and living foods to help improve health. In this time she also undertook raw, fermented food and dessert courses with Anna Middleton and Kate Magic.

Maryanne now enjoys working for Demuth’s Vegetarian Cookery School and is the Coordinator for Vegan Recipe Club at Viva! Her passion for finding new and delicious plant-based delights continues to evolve and she looks forward to sharing some lovely, healthy food with you