Originally having grown up in the North-East of Scotland, Mhairi has spent the last few years travelling and cooking with her passion for plant-based eating. From preparing french onion soup for skiers in the Alps to rolling vegan sushi in the festival fields of the UK. From cooking ragi porridge over fire in an Indian forest to serving colourful mezze to yogis in Morocco. For Mhairi, having a passion for food and exploring the world goes hand in hand.

Mhairi’s menus and recipes are heavily based on local, seasonal, natural ingredients in order to produce a diverse range of healthy, wholesome dishes inspired by world cuisines and interesting flavour combinations.

Practicing yoga herself has allowed Mhairi to begin to understand how food and yoga can complement each other to create holistic health. Her food is always colourful and full of different textures and flavours; this means you can enjoy food with all your 5 senses which allows the whole body, mind and soul to be nourished. Sharing health and happiness through mindful cooking and encouraging mindful eating is what Mhairi strives for with her work.