Nafia Harding

Nafia Harding

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Alongside teaching yoga, Nafia is also an amazing plant-based chef and feels blessed to be able to incorporate her two passions so seamlessly on retreats.  Her interest in food goes way further than Yoga, to when she was a child. Being raised by a single working mother, she spent much time in the kitchen preparing family meals with her siblings and through this, developed a love of food.


There’s nothing more she loves than to be in the kitchen experimenting, creating, playing with different flavour combinations to ultimately bring joy to those she is catering for with food that is interesting, tasty, and above all nutritious!


After undertaking training at the prestigious cookery school Leith’s in London, Nafia completed advanced raw food courses and has assisted top raw food chefs and Retreat organisers.


Nafia believes it is this diversity in what she does that fuels her drive and keeps her forever fascinated and absorbed in the food world.


Above all, she believes that yoga and food are the perfect marriage – as if extending her yoga practice to the table! Every meal created reflects the values she upholds through yoga, providing not only excellent taste but also nourishment for the mind and body.

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Claire's food is inspired by her teachers and from her travels around the world. She loves to incorporate as many seasonal vegetables and fruits as possible into her menu and use lots of spices. She also loves the creativity that is possible with plant-based cooking and enjoys introducing people to new ingredients so that people may discover new healthy foods for themselves and be inspired to try new recipes at home.

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Charlotte's motivation is to share her passion for seasonal, plant-based ingredients and encourages guests to use their time on retreat to reconnect with their relationship to food. As a Pilates, Yoga teacher and Chef she believes that with a balanced approach to exercise, eating well, and making more mindful choices about how and what we consume, we can live a more nurturing, self-supporting and planet-friendly lifestyle. 

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Mhairi MacLeod

Originally having grown up in the North-East of Scotland, Mhairi now travels as a plant-based chef and on our retreats she allows the food to complement the atmosphere and the experience that is being offered to the guests.

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Corrina developed an interest in healthy vegetarian food & cooking when she was 14.  Over the years Corrina has worked in different aspects of catering: restaurant, event and since 2002 she has specialised in cooking on yoga retreats.