Iceland summer landscape mountains, lake, houses

Adventure Yoga Holiday Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice

NEW for 2020! An exciting and mind blowing yoga holiday in north Iceland. A destination on everyone's bucket list!

13th - 18th June 2020 Sorry sold out!

Iceland is a destination everyone wants to go to at least once in their lifetime, so we have decided to create our very own adventure yoga holiday in Iceland and we would love you to join us.  Begin your yoga adventure by taking an internal flight to Akuyeri which is north west Iceland where you will stay for 6 days. Away from the main tourist centre around Reykjavik and with it’s mild climate, situated on the longest fjord in the country and it’s close proximity to the Arctic Circle, makes Akuyeri a must see destination. Akuyeri is known as one of Iceland’s best kept secrets.

We have created a jam packed schedule for you to see as much of this stunning landscape as possible on your stay, and then relax with two yoga classes a day to revive and revitalise.  Visit majestic landscapes, take a ferry to an energetic island, ride Icelandic horses or watch whales, visit famous waterfalls, take secret hikes off the beaten path, explore volcanic craters and geothermic natural baths. All of this is a part of this exhilarating yoga holiday in awe-inspiring Iceland. And guess what? All the above is included in the price!


Pay a 30% deposit per item
Number of people

Prices are based on 2 people sharing a twin room. Early bird offers apply until 21st March 2020 with £100 off.

If you would like to pay instalments please get in touch. It is an expensive country to visit but well worth it.

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Amy Williams

Amy’s style of teaching comes from a place of nurturing. She wants you to feel free to explore the capabilities of your own body, respect your boundaries and learn how to heal and protect it. By blending strong, grounded hatha practises with the freedom found in Scaravelli and vinyasa she believes that each practise can help create the perfect balance between flexibility and stability in both body and mind.

About the yoga

The yoga takes place in a beautiful yoga studio with a wellness centre attached so you can enjoy massage, saunas and steam rooms. It is a very short drive away and yoga starts at 9 am. You will have time to have a small snack before yoga. On a few of the mornings, you will also enjoy a silent walk to the morning yoga in stunning landscape.

The yoga in the morning will be a reviving practice to warm and wake the body and mind. Evening yoga will be a more restorative practice in a relaxing environment of the yoga shala. The yoga classes are 1.5 hrs each.

There are 4-morning yoga classes and 2 evening yoga classes. It is a jam-packed itinerary so this is as much as we could squeeze in!


  • The most majestic and awe-inspiring landscapes

  • Observing the midnight sun close to summer solstice

  • The wonders of whale watching or Icelandic horse riding

  • The beauty of northern Iceland away from the tourist trail

  • the infamous natural hot springs of Myvatn in this raw and stunning landscape

  • A unique once in a lifetime yoga holiday experience

About the food

The food that is included in the price is a buffet brunch / lunch provided at one of the local restaurants in Akureyri – the town where we are based. The yoga centre work with these restaurants and so they are happy and used to catering for food intolerances and there is the option of vegetarian fish or meat on offer. The food is delicious. Soups, home-baked bread, fruit and teas are available.

two plates tomato patties yoga holiday iceland

Our Yoga Chefs

At this venue we are using local restaurants to cater for all your needs. if you have any specific dietary requirements please let us know and we will accommodate you.


This adventure yoga holiday Iceland is suitable for anyone who has always wanted to experience Iceland, likes a short break with wellness, healthy food and Yoga. Beginners are welcome as well as all ages.


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Iceland summer landscape mountains, lake, houses

Beautiful Iceland

Iceland is most widely known for its glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs and dramatic volcanic landscape. It is the most sparsely populated country in Europe with only 360,000 inhabitants. It is the land of light and darkness with the famous aurora in winter and the midnight sun in summer with 24 hours of sunlight.

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We love the idea of a yoga holiday in Iceland because it is the second-best environmentally friendly country in the world after Finland. Even though they are very free with their heating (as it is considered their luxury item as it is so cold and dark a lot of the time) they get their heat source from the 800 hot springs throughout this volcanic island.


Iceland is an expensive destination to go to, but with its uniqueness to any other country on the planet and with it being on everyone’s bucket list to visit at least once (maybe twice, summer for midnight sun and winter for the aurora), it is something that you have to just accept and go with it as a once in a lifetime experience.

On our adventure in Iceland, you are staying away from the touristy south of the island and will be experiencing the raw nature in the northeast. We highly recommend staying in Reykjavik the night before the retreat so the journey can be part of the adventure.



See below our detailed schedule on this exciting Icelandic adventure.

You will all be collected from Akureyri airport from the 17.15 flight from Reykjavik. Followed by a quick shop for supplies and then dinner. You will return on the 08.25am flight to Reykjavik on the 18th June.

Day 1

Arrival Day. Check into your apartments, go to the shops to buy any food you might want


Day 2

9am -11am
Morning yoga to energise and revive

Buffet lunch at local restaurant

Enjoy a guided Excursion to island (ferry 15min) experience the powerplace in Iceland on a short hike

5pm - 6.30pm
Evening yoga to calm and restore


Day 3

9am -11am
Morning yoga to energise and revive

Buffet lunch at local restaurant

1pm - 5pm
Enjoy Whale watching or Icelandic horse riding

5.30pm - 6.30pm
Evening yoga to calm and restore

Dinner out (not included in the price)

Day 4

8.30am - 9am
Silent meditation walk

9am -11am
Morning yoga to energise and revive

11.30am - 4pm
Enjoy a free afternoon to explore Akureyri, enjoy the wellness spa

5pm - 6.30pm
Evening yoga


Optional extra (highly recommended) Midnight sun tour (or another night whenever is best)

Day 5

8.30am - 9am
Silent meditation walk

9am -11am
Morning yoga to energise and revive

Buffet lunch at local restaurant

1pm - 9pm
Guided day excursion to worldfamous Myvatn (geothermal volcanic area with nature spa)

Dinner in Myvatn

Day 6

Departure time for flight

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