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Would you like to feel energised, light, and clear headed? Would you like to have glowing skin, hair and nails? Would you like to lose weight and look and feel younger? This is what you can achieve with a 5-day yoga detox programme. Some of us actually feel heavy, tired, foggy headed, and suffer from digestive issues. Let this 5-day detox and yoga retreat be the kick start to a new and healthier you. Empower yourself by learning how to be healthier and brighter by taking control of your diet and not letting your diet control you. Our fantastic AdventureYogi team of specialists will support you in this process. Return home feeling ready to take on the world!

Our 5-day detox retreats were created in 2010 by our team of experienced and knowledgeable nutritional therapists, chefs and yoga teachers to create the perfect yoga detox programme to help support you on your detox experience. Arrive on the Friday at 4 pm and we will begin with settling in and your first yoga class of the retreat followed by your last large meal before the detox begins. Nutritional consultations are included in the price and will be set up throughout the retreat days to introduce you to your eating habits and what your body lacks in vitamins and minerals. This acts as a template to take away with you and choose to follow to a healthier you.




There will be 2 workshops on 2 of the afternoons. These will be included in the price. The first will be with our chef who will hold a 2-hour workshop on tools to support the detox process and will introduce you to your health detox kit that is complimentary on this retreat. The second workshop is more practical and will show you how to eat healthily by making the foods that you have eaten on the retreat and will help you make healthy choices in your kitchen for you and your family. If you want to learn more about the foods that you are eating and how they help the detox process, simply spend time with the chef observing or helping and you will learn a lot!

What is the daily schedule?

7am: Wake up with hot water & lemon (silence begins until after the first class).

7.30am – 8am: Silent meditation walk.

8am – 10am: Morning yoga flow invigorating class, pranayama, and meditation.

10am: Hearty green breakfast shake.

10.30am – 1.30pm: Free time/brisk walk/run/free time/swimming/film/treatments.

1.30pm: Main meal of salads, raw food, and healthy cooked grains.

2pm – 4pm: Afternoon workshop (when these aren’t on, take the time to go for a walk around Bewl Lake).

4pm – 6pm: Treatment time, relax time.

5pm: Afternoon juice.

6pm – 7.30pm: Hatha yoga to cleanse, tone and relax.

7.45pm: Light warm evening meal.

8.30pm – 10pm: Educational DVD time/relax/read.

10.30pm: Lights out!


Crow cottage has 2 twin rooms, one with en-suite and shower and the other with a separate bathroom with bath.

Ewe cottage has a double and twin room and the double has it’s own en-suite with shower and the twin it’s own bathroom with bath. They both have a spacious living room and kitchen.

The Calf Shed cottage has beautiful en-suite bathrooms, one with a shower and the other with a shower and bath. Both rooms can be a twin or a double.


Benefit from the early bird price of 10% OFF if you book 6 weeks or more before the retreat

5 night retreats:

Early Bird: £695pp
Standard price: £764pp

Twin/Double in central cottage:

Early Bird: £639pp
Standard: £710pp

The prices are based on 2 people sharing a room. If you are coming on your own you are welcome to share a twin room with another guest of the same sex, or if you would prefer a room to yourself there is a 40% single supplement.


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How to get there


From London get onto the M25 and then exit onto the A21. It is then about 30 minutes drive from the M25. Once you have booked your place with us we will give you the exact address and postcode.


There are trains that run every hour from London Charing Cross, Cannon Street & Waterloo East and they take 1 hr and 10 minutes.

Please catch the recommended train times below and we will organise a taxi share for you.

Recommended train times:

Depart London Charing Cross 15.45
Arrive Stonegate: 16.55



  • Beautiful cosy and comfy rustic chic accommodation with beautiful views.
  • 1 light cleansing lunch, 1 evening potassium broth, 1 breakfast green smoothie, an afternoon juice & a wheatgrass shot.
  • A detox kit – to include skin brush, Epsom salts, supplements acidophilous and Psyllium husks.
  • Nutritional consultation with a qualified nutritional therapist for 1 hr.
  • 3.5 hours of yoga classes a day – weight loss, detox and toning, and meditation.
  • Half hour lead silent meditation walk every morning.
  • 2 x two-hour workshops: 1 introduces you to detoxing and using the tools supplied with your detox kit given to you on arrival. The 2nd workshop teaches you recipes.
  • Use of the heated outdoor swimming pool whenever you like (if available).
  • Infrared sauna suit. A complimentary 1 hr treatment that is deeply detoxifying.
  • The AdventureYogi team to look after your every need

Not Included

  • Travel to and from the venue
  • Treatments
  • Colonic Irrigation


We bring our expert chef and nutritional therapist with us to give you the best food and advice. After your morning yoga class, there’s a wholesome green shake packed full of vegetables and nutrients and a wheat grass shot for cleansing and energy. Lunchtime will be the main meal, which will be a range of delicious raw salads and healthy cooked grains. In the middle of the afternoon there’s another juice and then a bowl of warming potassium broth in the evening.


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Things to do

We highly recommend doing as little as possible when there are rest periods on this retreat. It is your time to switch off from the real world and completely nurture yourself in ways you wouldn’t normally allow. Try and switch off social media and take time out in nature, read a book and most importantly take some rest and sleep.

Swimming pool:

To help support the detox we have an outdoor swimming pool heated to 30 degrees.

Infra Red Sauna Suit:

We feel that above all it is very important to be able to sweat out a detox and help remove toxins from the body more rapidly, which is why we have incorporated this new addition to our 5-day detox retreats. It is a revolutionary deep heat technology and is an excellent way to remove toxins and metabolic waste stored in your body, supporting the cleansing process at a deep level

Included in the price is a 60-minute detox infrared sauna heat treatment. If you would like an extra treatment it is £20 per hour.



On site there will be a selection of treatments:

Holistic massage, deep tissue massage, lymph drainage, sports massage, Reflexology, Reiki and facials. These must be pre-booked. The price of our on-site treatments is £38 for half an hour and £65/hr.

Colonic irrigation:

We highly recommend and urge you to have a colonic irrigation treatment during your stay. This treatment is conducted in the nearest town so prices will vary according to the therapist and location. It is very important to have this treatment during a detox as constipation can occur and then the toxins that are being released from the body stay in the body. The difference between those that have had the colonic and those that haven’t is apparent.

A 1.5 hour Colon Irrigation session costs £110. Half an hour of Lymphatic drainage before Colonic irrigation is £35 and an hour is £60.

The clinic we use is in Tunbridge Wells and is 10 miles away, so about a 20-minute drive. If you are not driving to the retreat you will need to get a taxi there and back. If easier, we can arrange for you to visit the clinic post retreat. You could also have this treatment post retreat in your hometown – but you might not give yourself time to relax afterwards.


East Sussex

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We have long awaited our very own retreat centre and now we have one! Our gorgeous venue in East Sussex. Escape to the beautiful Sussex countryside for a yoga weekend retreat in inspiring surroundings. We are there for the whole of March and November, half of July and weekends scattered throughout the year.

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Like our well-being and meditation retreats where we have 2 x 2 hour yoga classes, we understand that yoga is also important for a 5 day detox and so we have a 2 hour class in the morning, and then a 1.5 hr class in the early evening to support the cleanse, boost your mood and nourish the soul. Each class will focus on different aspects of the detox retreat and the yoga will follow the journey of your detox, ebbing and flowing with your energy levels and moods.

We will have a more energising flow yoga class to wake you up and prepare you for the day ahead. It will also be strengthening and toning. The morning class will incorporate pranayama and meditation, which is a great support for the detoxification process, cleansing the lungs of excess stale air.  Meditation will help still the mind, which will become easier as the detoxification process starts to work and toxins are released. A Hatha yoga class will follow in the evening and this class will focus on certain yoga postures that will enhance the detoxification process, such as twists and side bends, plus more restorative yoga postures to ease you into the evening.

Additional Information

How to prepare for the detox yoga retreat

Before coming on this 5-day yoga detox retreat, we ask that you start preparing the body 1 week before so that the real detoxing can occur on the retreat. We ask to start cutting down on all acidic foods, such as wheat, dairy, sugars, alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine we find is especially hard on the body so please try and cut this one out. This is also a non-smoking retreat, so if you smoke, try and cut down before coming. Some people find it a good way to help them stop. For the nutritional therapist and also for yourself to get to know your body better, we also ask that you keep a food diary for a week before. This is a great insight into what your body is doing and how it is reacting to certain food groups and will help you to notice how your food choice will affect your mood and general behaviour and help break old bad habits.

What to do once you return home from the detox and yoga retreat

On returning home, don’t reach for the nearest chocolate bar! It is important to ease yourself back into your diet and, hopefully, it will have been influenced and will have changed slightly, (or even a lot!) after the detox, so you can change your old eating habits to stay energised, clearer and vibrant.

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