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Dates 2017


*Prices from £295pp – £425pp for 2 nights. For more on prices & room type go to the Somerset page*

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Ayurveda yoga retreats

Join us on our special Ayurvedic yoga retreats to learn about the ancient Indian medicine and holistic system of health and wellbeing. If you are looking to relax with yoga twice daily plus understand more about your body, what foods are better for you, learn about your constitution and balance body and mind, come along and enjoy relaxation, walks, silent walks, delicious foods, massage, yoga and time for you too!

Ayurveda and yoga retreats outline

Ayurvedic dosha systemAlthough Ayurveda dates back 5000 years to the great sages of ancient India, it is still a relevant health system, offering us a “users manual” for how to stay balanced and healthy. Its holistic approach sees body, mind and soul as a single entity. Both yoga and Ayurveda were created to keep the body and mind strong, allowing people to focus on the really important job of finding their true purpose. Much of their advice is founded on common sense, and has much to teach us about finding balance in today’s busy world. The focus is on practical diet and lifestyle advice to help you feel full of life, and minimise physical illness and mental stress. Use both of these ancient sciences to discover your purpose, whilst staying in balance with your own nature and the changing world around you.

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The yoga on our Ayurveda retreats is with our experienced yoga teachers who have conversed with our Ayurvedic practitioner on the retreat about the theme of the retreat so that the yoga matches it.  For example, in autumn, it is about going inwards and slowing down, so the yoga is slower and more therapeutic, in summer more dynamic, to match the seasons. Sivananda yoga is well suited to the Ayurvedic medicine, so we have teachers who can focus on this practice.  If you enjoy a slower pace of yoga, need slowing down or enjoy a more traditional type of yoga then this is for you. All abilities are welcome and it is very good for beginners. The Sivananda sequence brings in all aspects into your yoga practice, meditation, pranayama, chanting, asana, relaxation. Very calming and centering.

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Alongside the yoga, the food is specialized in Ayurvedic principles on these retreats, which also follow the principles of the yogic diet. Our AdventureYogi chefs consult with our Ayurvedic Practitioner who informs them what type of food is best for the body at each time of the year, following the seasons, so that the body receives the right nutrients. What you enjoy on the winter Ayurvedic retreat will be very different on the summer Ayurvedic retreat. The food is matched up to season, weather, and what doshas are in play at that time of year. The food is gently detoxing and you can make the retreat as detoxing as you like, as we have alternatives for the usual troublesome foods such as wheat, dairy, caffeine, and sugar. We do not use any sugar on our retreats and everything else is kept to a minimum. We make all foods vegan and we provide dairy so you can add it if you like. We provide brunch, a healthy lunch and then after evening yoga there’s a wonderful 2 course supper for you. We bring our own chefs with us who all have their own flair and ability to create amazing vegetarian menus to a very high standard. Our guests are always incredibly impressed with the diversity, flavor and creativity of our food. Most people also comment on how much more energized they feel and how they will try and recreate similar food at home.

Eating-Ayurvedic-A-Diet-for-Balancing-VataSpices for ayurvedic foodsayurvedic nutrition

Massage / Holistic Treatments

Our own highly experienced therapists are on hand to soothe away your aches and pains. Choose from an array of wonderful different massages, but particularly Ayurvedic massage and also facials, reiki or reflexology depending on your retreat and therapists available.


The main focus on our Ayurvedic retreats are the Ayurvedic workshops and the afternoon walks in beautiful surrounding countryside. Jojo offers workshops and below is an example.

Intro to Ayurveda

workshop somerset July JoJo Webber will lead a fascinating workshop is about how this ancient holistic approach sees body, mind and soul as a single entity. She will cover how Ayurveda offers so many benefits to feeling well, such as how to determine your dosha constitution, how to follow a tailored diet and lifestyle advice to stay balanced. It also considers daily and seasonal advice on keeping the doshas balance, an understanding of the real root cause of diseases and how to avoid them, preventative advice on diseases you might be especially prone to, the importance of a healthy digestive system and how to maintain it and what type of yoga is best for you.


Our venues are carefully chosen with much thought and consideration. We want you to stay somewhere really special where you can totally relax, switch off and de-stress. Some of our venues have pools, tennis courts and hot tubs, which we are able to enjoy too. Each venue has a something different to offer, be it quirky local towns, stunning beaches, or ancient sights to explore. They are dotted around the UK and vary from old mill houses, to stately manor houses, and cottages to eco pods. Every one is in a beautiful location surrounded by countryside, with wonderfully comfortable accommodation, an inspiring yoga space and a peaceful atmosphere.

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The Schedule

8am: wake up, silence, hot water and lemon, healthy snack bar, relax
8:30-10:30am: Morning yoga and meditation class
10.30 am: Brunch of porridge, eggs and other interesting wholesome healthy treats dependent on season
11:30-1pm: Massages and free time to read, explore and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
1pm-3pm: Saturday Workshop with Jojo, Sunday guided walk
3pm: Healthy Ayurvedic afternoon lunch dependent on the season
3:30-5:30pm: More treatments to pamper yourself or free time
5:30 – 7:30pm: Evening yoga and meditation class
7:30pm: Delicious vegetarian feast

Saturday night we offer a film on Ayurveda as an optional extra.
The yoga retreat starts from 4pm on the Friday, with the first yoga class starting at 6pm. The yoga retreat finishes at 3pm on the Sunday, after a light lunch and closing ceremony to send you on your way.

Dates 2017


*Prices from £295pp – £425pp for 2 nights. For more on prices & room type go to the Somerset page*

For more information on our yoga and Ayurveda retreats please do contact us, we’d love to hear from you soon.