The very best yoga teachers

We are inundated with fabulous yoga teachers wanting to work for us, so we only select the very best of the best. No matter how long they have been teaching for we have created a training programme that all teachers come on before they start, so that we can teach them to run our retreats the adventureyogi way.  That way, you know you are going to be looked after in the best way possible, on and off the mat.

Wenche Krag Beard
Born in Norway, Wenche (pronounced Venca) is a global yogini with a wanderlust Soul living and breathing her love for yoga and life. Wenche headed to Los Angeles USA at…
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Chetana Thornton
Chetana offers yoga as a way to come home to our self. Her joy is to share the teachings of yoga as a way of life and living and her…
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Corrina Levi
Corrina started practising yoga when she was a child and developed an interest in healthy vegetarian cooking when she was 14. Towards the end of her twenties, tired from the…
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Louise Gillespie-Smith
I am passionate about yoga and helping people feel good. I used to run long distance and turned to yoga to help my very stiff muscles and lower back pain.…
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Rebecca Keenaghan
Rebecca’s style of teaching is both tender and soulful yet deep and satisfying. Rebecca’s love and passion for all things Yoga is obvious in her classes. You will feel her…
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Rosalind Southward
Ros is best known for her bright sparkly leggings, bubbling enthusiasm for Forrest Yoga, and her propensity to be upside down at every given opportunity! A wanderlust spirit, Ros spent…
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