Corrina started practising yoga when she was a child and developed an interest in healthy vegetarian cooking when she was 14.

Towards the end of her twenties, tired from the hedonism and angst associated with those years, she intuitively knew that there was something more to be discovered in life. She immersed herself in studying, practising and living yoga and meditation in India. She stayed for two years. During this time she did her yoga teacher training and first massage training in Ayurvedic yoga massage, not with the intention of becoming a yoga teacher or massage therapist but to develop herself; becoming a yoga teacher and massage therapist organically evolved from her own practice and passion.

She has had many ‘WOW’ moments in her yoga practice. One poignant moment was after practising pranayama and bringing awareness to her breathing for months. She re-connected with parts of herself that she had dis-connected from years previously. It was very powerful and continues to influence her practice and teaching today. The breath is an important part of Corrina’s practice and teaching. Corrina encourages students to be kind to themselves, to listen to their body and trust their body’s wisdom.

Yoga continues to give Corrina more than she could ever have imagined. Through yoga Corrina has discovered more joy, balance, calm and vitality. She is grateful to yoga for helping her navigate some of the more stressful and challenging times of her life.

Corrina believes that yoga is for everybody and is fully inclusive and holistic in her teaching.

Corrina has more recently studied dance movement psychotherapy which, along with somatic movement, has been positively informing her practice and teaching.