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Laura McBride

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Laura’s first experience of yoga was a chance class at university with a group of Buddhist monks. Her curiosity was sparked and a couple of trips to India and six years in the corporate world later she completed her first training in Hatha yoga in 2011. Laura has since gone on to study in many styles of yoga, training further in elemental yoga therapy, vinyasa flow, yoga and mindfulness for children as well as moving into holistic therapies and qualifying as a macrobiotic consultant and reiki practitioner. Laura is committed to developing her personal practice, regularly attending trainings and workshops so that she can continue to share her love of yoga with joy and energy.

Laura’s teaching style is intuitive and versatile, responding to the energy of the room and offering what she feels will honour where people are in their practice. Morning classes will usually involve flowing creative sequences; providing a degree of challenge whilst encouraging movement with greater awareness. Evening classes will include pranayama (breathing exercises)  some yin yoga or restorative postures to nourish and energise the body as well as meditation and yoga nidra.

Laura is teaching on these holidays

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Skiing Yoga Holiday Jasna, Slovakia 2020

More of our fabulous teachers

Rosie Iles-Jonas

Rosie Iles-Jonas is a playful, creative and grounding yoga teacher. She has practised yoga since a young age. Read more about her profile here.

Amy Williams

Amy’s style of teaching comes from a place of nurturing. She wants you to feel free to explore the capabilities of your own body, respect your boundaries and learn how to heal and protect it. By blending strong, grounded hatha practises with the freedom found in Scaravelli and vinyasa she believes that each practise can help create the perfect balance between flexibility and stability in both body and mind.

Bess Shipside

Bess teaches a hatha flow based asana practice but comes more from “how does that feel” rather than precise alignment based practices.  Connecting the heart to the body and mind through physical movement and the breath and infusing mantra and affirmations in each class be ready to be taken on a transformative journey.

Yoga teacher Louise Windsor head shot against white backdrop

Louise Windsor

Louise is a warm and enlightening teacher who uses yoga to help you feel good! Louise has spent time in  India, where she studied and practiced yoga extensively- training to teach vinyasa flow in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Rosalind Southward

Ros is a bubbly and well loved teacher, known for her inspirational and playful classes which focus on the healing power of the breath and its ability to create space in the body and mind. She is an advanced Forrest yoga teacher who teaches you how to listen to your body and modify the poses to suit what you need in that moment. Aswell as Forrest and Vinyasa flow, Ros teaches Yin Yoga; the deep, calm classes offering the perfect balance to her powerful Forrest classes.

Chetana Thornton

Chetana has been on her path from young age and has been teaching for 20 years. Having lived and immersed herself in her practice she teaches with wisdom and knowledge and playfulness.

Wendy Buttery

Wendy teaches a free flowing style of Hatha Yoga, incorporating the heat and movement of Ashtanga Yoga with the correct alignment focus of Iyengar Yoga.

Corrina Levi

Corrina is one of our senior teachers, she is an authentic and thoughtful teacher who strongly believes that yoga is for everyone. In Corrina's classes you are empowered to listen to and trust your body, she encourages a mindful, inquisitive practice with benefits that extend outside of your yoga class. In Corrina's classes you can expect an observant Hatha based practice full of somatic inquiry; using your breath to guide you and reawaken parts of yourself you may have previously forgotten about!

Gabriela Maas

After eleven years of studying and practising yoga Gaby began teaching small classes in Chile. Later she arrived in the UK, and began teaching in earnest in 2002, largely in the Lake District and Cumbria. Since then she has qualified as a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK, and runs her own Yin yoga teacher tarning courses.