Louise is passionate about yoga and helping people feel good. She used to run long distances and turned to yoga to help her find ways to relieve very stiff muscles and lower back pain. She didn’t realise at that stage that it would completely transform her life!

What she loves about yoga is how it can make you feel; peaceful, centred, in the present moment and uplifted at the same time. Louise loves how yoga can release emotions and open your heart. She also loves the spiritual aspect of it; the union of mind, body, breath and spirit.

Her yoga journey began with Bikram which she really enjoyed. However it wasn’t until she discovered Hot Power Yoga (Vinyasa Flow in a warm room) that she really understood what yoga was all about; it was a more spiritual, heart opening practice there. Since then she has spent time living at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala India learning their Hatha series and experiencing a full yogic life style. She has travelled around India extensively learning from different yoga teachers and trained to teach Vinyasa Flow yoga in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Louise loves the creativity, movement and use of breath in her Hatha Flow classes. All her classes have a strong focus on heart opening, releasing emotions, acceptance and being present. She sets intentions and shares learnings about life through her classes, drawing from her day to day life experience, what she learnt over the years as a life coach and through the months she spent in India.

Louise also trained in trauma sensitive yoga which brings the therapeutic and mindfulness aspect of yoga to help heal sufferers of trauma and stress. As well as Hatha Flow she also loves to practice Yin Yoga to balance out the more dynamic aspect of flow with the slow mindfulness of yin.

With all her experience she teaches a mixture of energising slow flow yoga and a slower mindful practice. Her intention is for her students to leave the class feeling peaceful and content with open hearts. She teaches in a light hearted and flexible way to cater for all levels, and includes pranayama and meditation.

Aside from yoga she enjoys her work as a life coach along with hula hooping, paddle boarding, travelling and dancing.