The very best yoga teachers

We are inundated with fabulous yoga teachers wanting to work for us, so we only select the very best of the best. No matter how long they have been teaching for we have created a training programme that all teachers come on before they start, so that we can teach them to run our retreats the adventureyogi way.  That way, you know you are going to be looked after in the best way possible, on and off the mat.

Rosalind Southward
Ros is best known for her bright sparkly leggings, bubbling enthusiasm for Forrest Yoga, and her propensity to be upside down at every given opportunity! With a wanderlust spirit, Ros…
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Tammy Mittell
Tammy has been a yoga teacher on over 20 AdventureYogi retreats over the years. Tammy has an exceptional breadth and depth of knowledge of yoga having practiced it for 19…
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Bess Shipside in splits yga pose with arms above head
Bess Shipside
Bess is a passionate and knowledgeable yogi whose playful, focused and flowing Hatha classes seek to honour the present moment by creating a grounded connection to the spiritual heart. Bess…
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Simona Schimanovich
After discovering her love for yoga 10 years ago Simona has been practicing in a variety of styles – from Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Dharma Mittra, Sivananda, Yin to AcroYoga. On her travels…
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Amy Williams
Amy’s yoga journey began when she least expected it. For years believing the yoga was just for the calm and naturally bendy, she found a teacher that made asana gentle,…
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Gabriela Maas
After eleven years of studying and practising yoga Gaby began teaching small classes in Chile. Later she arrived in the UK, and began teaching in earnest in 2002, largely in…
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