Rebecca’s style of teaching is both tender and soulful yet deep and satisfying. Rebecca’s love and passion for all things Yoga is obvious in her classes. You will feel her joyful and playful energy and experience the soul soothing balm that is Yoga. She has studied with many inspiring and well seasoned Yogis such as Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Kino Macgregor, Danny Paradise, David Williams and David Swenson. Their influence and wisdom continue to colour her own practice. Her style comes from a mixture of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Hatha and Chakra Yoga. She likes to call it ‘Just Yoga’. She has taught Chakra Yoga retreats for 3 years and enjoys studying this healing ancient map of the psyche. She is experienced in teaching mixed ability groups and has a knack for keeping everybody happy with lots of options in asana.

Rebecca didn’t find Yoga it found her. It helped her overcome anxiety and depression in her early 20’s and allowed her to come back to her natural state of joy and bliss. She now creates space for her students to tap into their own ever flowing and inherent state of bliss. It was her saving grace and from very early on she knew she was to be a Yoga teacher. She found Yoga’s ability to heal and soothe the soul so powerful she just had to share the gift. She had been interested in the philosophies of Yoga for some time before making it to the mat. Yoga is now part of her life on and off the mat. Rebecca sees life as a wondrous journey full of gifts, we just have to have our thoughts in awareness of those gifts.

In 2008 she started teaching Yoga to children in schools and nurseries in London. This was while she was training to teach adults. She taught through the means of storytelling and song. It was very encouraging for her to see Yoga build confidence and self awareness to the future generation with its theme of non competitive compassionate kindness to others, oneself and the planet.

Yoga is not a job to Rebecca it is way more. She believes there is always so much more to discover and looks forward to the wonder and mystery her practice and teaching will reveal for many moons to come.