Rosie has practiced Yoga since she was a child, her first teachers were her parents. In those early years she learned that movement should be playful and explorative, and she’s passionate about sharing that experience with students. She’s been teaching full time since 2015, and now trains students to become teachers. She teaches in public sessions in Hove and has worked for a Premier League football club but her passion is heartfelt, meaningful Yoga and Meditation.

Rosie draws on a variety of movement disciplines, so her Yoga sequences are very well thought out, creative and designed to take you on a journey of unlearning. Unlearning tension and coping strategies, of pushing and forcing. Expect to move in new and beautiful ways, through styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Somatics.

Rosie believes that Yoga in its truest form, offers a deeply empowering practice of self awareness, self care, resilience and unlearning oppression. It can enable a process of liberation, both on the individual and collective levels. Rosie loves retreats because of the connection; Students might attend as individuals but they experience the feeling of a supportive community. Whilst she plans sessions, she also tunes into the needs of the group, so sessions feel incredibly personal, like they were written for you. Rosie is known for her humorous delivery, philosophy offerings and journaling activities.

When Rosie isn’t teaching, she can be found cycling around Hove, growing vegetables (and weeds) on her allotment and studying in London for a Masters in Yoga and Meditation.