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Our yoga Philosophy at AdventureYogi

Here at AdventureYogi, we believe that yoga is evolving in the West as we take on this Eastern tradition and adapt it to our needs in relation to our own environment. We do not see this as being a rejection towards the ancient traditions of this spiritual education, but more a positive evolution. By adapting Yoga to work in the present day environment, it has more chance of surviving. The West will always utilise the spiritual aspect of yoga as an emotional aid and support for the mind’s journey, but also importantly use the physical aspect as a form of beneficial exercise. Here at AdventureYogi we have acknowledged and recognised this.

We take Yoga seriously, yet in a fun way. We recognise its’ benefits for the mind, body and spirit but on our yoga holidays we encourage people to focus on enjoying themselves and their activity of choice and the benefits that yoga brings to that, rather than the spiritual journey.

This usually then allows the space for certain emotions to come up and be nurtured and dealt with simply by letting go and not taking life too seriously. Our well-being yoga retreats in the UK encourage you to relax and re-charge, allowing the body and mind to go on their own journey and see where it takes you, whether you become sleepy and withdrawn or energised and vibrant, it is your weekend to focus on your needs and escape the day- to – day.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a 5000 year old practice. Yoga is a Sanskrit word – “Yuj” which means “to unite” or “integrate union” of our own consciousness with the Universal consciousness. There are many forms of yoga all coming from the same common root yet having its own unique feature. Here at AdventureYogi we have a range of yoga teachers who have developed their own unique style through a variety of yoga practices and each one differs on each holiday or retreat.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga was developed from the belief that in order to be in balance with ones environment and the self, one has to integrate the body, mind and spirit. This is achieved in yoga by integrating emotion, action and intelligence in the form of breathing, exercise and meditation, bringing about many benefits. In the West we are turning more to this ancient system to help deal with many things: the stresses of our hectic day to day lives, to develop physical strength and be less prone to injury; or calm racing minds.

Begin your day the yogi way…

Morning starts depending on the yoga teachers background in yoga whether it be Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda or others. All classes cover Pranayama, asanas and meditation to help increase oxygen flow, balance, clarity and a peaceful mind. Morning sessions are a more dynamic practice with an emphasis on standing postures as we open up, warm and strengthen the body in preparation for a day of adventure!

And wind down the yogi way…

With AdventureYogi, our way to wind down and slow down involves a gentle yoga class to stretch out and relax abused muscles and joints. This afternoon session will vary and we’ll include pranayama, meditation  to really let go and enter a state of deep relaxation. Then, after plenty of water to flush it all through the system, and perhaps a massage to really pamper yourself.  On our yoga weekend retreats after dinner we have a yoga nidra session before bed to really experience deep relaxation.  On our yoga holidays if you feel you want a glass of wine to relax and wind down after an active day skiing, surfing, walking, or just because, then go for it! It’s your holiday, your choice.  Both morning and evening yoga classes are suitable for varying levels of experience. Your background will, of course, be taken into account and the focus of the class is to help you get the most enjoyment possible.

In our varying locations whether it be local in our workshops, holidays, or retreats we have a variety of yoga teachers to bring you a new experience each time. To learn more about our yoga teachers please go to the about us page and have a read.

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